Chopstyk Logo
Chopstyk is an art, gift and curio company based on Vancouver Island,
producing a unique line of ephemera such as pocket mirrors, magnets,
canvas prints and greeting cards. At Chopstyk we pride ourselves on
providing unique yet affordable and ethically sound art, to bring sparkle
and thought into daily life. All items are hand-made and created 'in-house'. 
Whenever you take a piece home, you take a part of the artist and her 
vision with you.

Elizabeth Parsons, the artist behind Chopstyk
Influenced by an eclectic mix of folklore, renaissance and vintage art;
my work, nostalgic yet contemporary, evokes an artistic third space.
It fuses imagery and language, provoking thought and emotion as I let
my vivacity and wit shine through. My heart-felt authentic vision
is inspired and inspiring, playful and earnest, spirited and spiritual.
I create simple acts of art which resonate with everyone and bring
heart and soul into your life.
Chpstyk product shot